Itch to Stitch Lagan Coat

 I made a sewing plan for this year about the things that are challenging to sew and the ones that I wanted to learn. One of them was sewing a lined coat. A real one. I was absolutely thrilled when Kennis from Itch to Stitch invited me to test Lagan coat. Itch to Stitch has brilliant instructions and I knew I could manage it with the rest of the testing team. I did :)  You can read all about Lagan coat here, there are also many photos from the testing team. I got so much inspiration I planned to sew another in bright color, but then all the tropical heat came along and I couldn't make myself to sew wool. But I have my grey coat and I'm so excited to show you all the photos of this classic design.    My Lagan is made from wool blend fabric that I bought from local fabric shop called Abakhan. It was 5-6€/m and I think it's perfect color for me though it does seem a bit boring (we had so many bright colors and beautiful fabrics in testing team, go and check out the photo

Itch to Stitch Lagan mantel

Itch to Stitch Brasov top and another pair of Mountain View jeans

Itch to Stitch Lago top, Lamma hoodie and Mountain View pull on jeans

Itch to Stitch Cartagena cami tops

Some outfits from trip to Spain